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*Alloy Head with a copper handle, Matte silver plated


*10.8cm x 4.3cm

*double sided razor head

*sleek, durable design

*Razor design is made to be used lightly, no need for heavy pressing

*includes Blades


*For face, legs, underarms and pubic area



*Dorco Stainless steel blades

*High quality stainless steel blades

*Super sharp

*10 Blades per pack

*Double sided blades

*HQ Technology gives a much better cutting edge than other blade companies

*10g per pack (1 g per blade)


SKU: 0013
  • Changing the blade

    •   Carefully hold the handle in one hand
    • Placing your thumb and index finger on both ends of razor head start twisting in a counter clockwise rotation to loosen the head.
    • Carefully without touching the blade separate the head and carefully remove the blade.
    • blade in a glass container (you can wait until your jar is filled before recycling. Make sure the jar has a secured lid.
    • Place a new blade in your razor head and place the front of the head back on. Make sure the groves of the head are facing the front.
    • Now twist your handle to the back of the head to tighten everything up. It only needs to be tighten to a hand tight. Do not over tighten
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