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Not only is this tea a great support for the nervous and cardiovascular systems but it's also a great tonic for the emotional heart.  "Happy Healthy Heart Tea" helps lower LDL(Bad cholesterol) while supporting healthy blood flow. Please take caution and talk to your Dr. or health care provider if you are on cholesterol or heart medications. The herb combinations in this tea are uplifting, blood purifying and help to relax a stressful tired heart. 


Taste-sweet, bright

Supports-cardiovascular system, nervous system

Energies- uplifting, warming, energetic

Net Wt. 50 (g)

Happy Healthy Heart Tea

SKU: 0029
  • *Hawthorn leaf, *Hawthorn berry, *Linden, *Nettle leaf, *Cinnamon, *Hibiscus, *Lemon grass, *Lemon balm


  • Pour 12-16 oz. of water just of  a boil over1-2 Tbsp. of loose elaf tea. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes. For a stronger more intense fusion steep for the full 10 minutes using 2 Tbsp. of tea mixture. 

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