Corn Floss is created to be environmentally friendly, it can be composted and is a sustainable and vegan source for floss. There are varieties of silk floss, which is slightly tougher be we decided harming silk worms wasn't in our interest. This floss comes in refillable glass containers instead of plastic! Small and great for travel as well with a metal lid. If over time the there is wear on the container, it can be seperated and recycled. Unlike those other comercial flosses.  

Corn Floss

SKU: DF001
  • Corn Husk floss is a sustainable, biodegradable floss. It can be thrown in your compost after use. This means that there is a much, much smaller chance of the floss wrapping around an animal or and animals throat choaking it. Feel good about flossing.

    You can also feel good about recycling the entire floss container if the time comes where it can no longer be used. And remember to buy more refils, not more containers!