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Potatoes prefer nice loose light soil. Potatoes are usually planted from sets. (Whole or half of a potato that have eyes [tentacle like things] coming out of them). Place sets with eyes facing up and cover with about 4 inches of soil. As the potato starts to grow cover the leaves and plant with more soil. Try to do this every few weeks. Not only will it help your plant produce more potatoes, but it will also keep your potatoes from being hit with sunlight. When a potato is in the sun to long it starts to turn green. These potatoes should be thrown out because they are very toxic. Don’t forget to water potatoes often.

     When the potato plant dies back your potatoes are ready to harvest. Lift out the entire plant with a garden fork. You should also dig around with your hands to make sure you've collected all the spuds. Don't forget that even the tiny potatoes are great. They make really good tender potatoes when cooked. It's best to harvest when the soil is dry because it’s easier to dust the dirt off before storing. 

     You can store them in a cool, dark dry place. Don't layer potatoes on top of one another too much. They need to breathe a little. Use any scratched, bruised or nicked potatoes right away. Remember to check your stored potatoes often and remove any potatoes starting to sprout or that are going bad.


Days to harvest


Many people prefer to buy seed or set potatoes and say that super market potatoes don't grow well. I personally use super market potatoes that have sprouted and have no problem growing them.

Its said that potatoes with one eye produce larger potatoes and sets with multiply eyes produce more but smaller potatoes.

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