Moon Sand

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4 cups of flour (whole wheat, white, all purpose, or gf all work)

1/2 cup of vegetable oil

Make it

Add flour to a bowl and add in the vegetable oil.

Gently knead the mixture. It should stay crumbly but hold shape under pressure.

That’s all. This is incredibly easy to do and amazing for sensory play especially with young kids and for using creativity in older kids to build things with the moon sand.

This will spoil over time so check it before giving it to your kids to play with. There shouldn’t be any mold and if it smells off it isn’t safe to use anymore. Store in an air tight container in the meantime and watch your kids have a blast.

NOTE: you may want to set them up on the floor with a blanket underneath for easy clean up, and use and extra large bin to help keep it contained. If you were on my site in the past you would have seen a previous moon sand I did for my daughter. I made the recipe by 4 I think and used her kiddy pool. I set up sticks, dinosaurs, rocks and she made her own dino land and loved it.

If the dough does not stick together under pressure add 1 TBSP. At a time, but if it is too wet and almost gushy/slimy add 1/4 cup of flour to adjust.

Things to use…

Small cups, or containers from apple sauce or yogurt.

Shells, rocks, sticks.

Spoons, play-dough stamps ( the things you can get for play-dough to cut shapes, cookie cutters.

Bowls, wooden spoons, empty clean flower pots, measuring cups.

Toy dinosaurs, fish and sea creatures, farm animals (you can set up different scenes)

If you make this dough or have a variation of this at home we’d love to hear about it in the comments! Post pictures of your moon sand set up!

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