Meet Our Bunnies

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Photo of Sparky, Chester, Lola

This is Chester. Chester has a bit of a complicated back story. He was found roaming around someone's property and was picked up. He was then given to another person trying to find his home or a new home for him. He was then advertised on facebook looking for his home. His original home was never found. He ended up at a local horse supply store where the owner was caring for him. Chester’s teeth didn’t line up properly and were growing so much that they were hitting his nose, and the top teeth were curling in his mouth. Poor guy must have been in a lot of pain, just to eat. I had headed to the horse store for some rabbit feed for Sparky, our other rabbit you will hear about soon. Of course I was shown Chester and felt so bad that I offered to take him and find a vet for him. I brought him home and saw that him and Sparky got along super well and became instant BFF’s. I called multiple vets offices and finally found one for him. His teeth were trimmed and needed to be trimmed every few months. During the time of covid I learned to do it myself. Chester Lives happily with two other bunnies, loves eating yogurt drops, fresh thyme from the garden, and snuggling with sparky. Chester is a small lop-eared bunny with black fur with flecks of white. He doesn’t like being held but will jump into your lap when you sit down on the bunny house floor.

Meet Sparky. Sparky is a golden Flemish giant boy, He is extremely gentle, doesn’t mind being held, and welcomes everyone he meets. He welcomed Chester immediately as well as our newest member Lola. He loves cleaning the other bunnies and laying beside them. He isn’t much of a digger, but definitely loves lap cuddles. He has giant furry feet and the cutest biggest ears I’ve ever seen. He loves treats so much that he tries steeling the treat jar from your hand and tipping it over. He isn’t too nervous around new animals and seems to be able to distinguish if they are a threat or a friendly. He doesn’t have a back story really. I had been missing having a pet bunny so I found a farm who had Flemish giants and went to pick him up. I could tell right away how friendly and loving he was.

Meet Lola, formally Oreo, We changed her name because our neighbors dogs name is OREO! She has had two previous owners but for what ever reason they were no longer able to give her the time she needed to be a happy bunny. But that’s okay because now she live with her two new brothers, Sparky and Chester. Chester is a little bit bigger than her but Sparky is huge. I think she's only about the size of his head. Even though he is so much bigger than her, she loves him lots, he lets her snuggle him, and she can even sit on him and he doesn’t mind! Sometimes he washes her face which is nice because she can’t always clean her face as well as he can. We think she loves her new home. She have so much room to run around, sand to dig in, fresh clover to eat, and we love feeding her treats. Her favorites are the yogurt drops, but doesn't like the thyme treats as much, but still eats them. She grabs the treats and hides to eat them. I think she's worried that her brothers will get them if she's not fast enough. Lola isn't as social as her brothers, but she's still adjusting to her new owners. We are super patient with her and she's getting better!

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