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Instant Lip Scrub for dry flaky lips

Do you have dry flaky lips or feel like your lips need a pick me up? This is perfect for that! It’ s simple only using 2 ingredients and hard to not lick off your lips. Its meant to be used right away and doesn’t store well. Having a spa night alone or with the girls? This is perfect to make together and perk up those lips!


1/2 tsp. Sugar

1/2 tsp. Honey


Simply add sugar and honey to a small mixing bowl. Stir well to evenly Combine ingredients. You should have a slightly gritty paste. Don’t worry it’s gentle.


Scoop out a small amount of mixture with your finger and apply a thin layer over your lips. Try not to lick it off. Gently massage your lips in a circular motion. Make with your friends for extra fun on your spa night.

Rinse with Luke warm water. And watch as those flakes vanish!

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