Homemade Natural Eye Shadow

What you need

1 tsp. arrow root powder

1 tsp. coconut oil

1/2 tsp. - 1 tsp. natural colorants

Colourants (see list below for colour variations)


Red/pink-beet root powder, hibiscus flower powder, sweet paprika, sandal wood powder, 

Orange-ground calendula flowers, Myrrh gum powder, spanish paprika

Yellow-turmeric, mustard seed powder, ground all spice

Green-Spirulina powder, agrimory powder, wheat grass powder, lemon balm powder, ground thyme, ground leaves

Blue- indigo leaf powder, dyer's knotweed powder

Violet-ground echinacea

Beige-marshmallow root powder, hadjora powder, flax seed powder, wild yam root powder

Black- activated charcoal powder, alkanet root powder,

Grey/white-ginseng root powder, Irish moss powder, xanthum gum powder, arrow root powder, shiitake mushroom powder

Brown-ground cocoa powder, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, black walnut powder, red sage root powder, sarsaparilla root powder, ground clove

Make It

In a small bowl mix arrow root powder and colorants. Do this in small amounts adding more color as you go. Stop when you have reached your desired pigment. 

Use a fork to mash the coconut oil into the powders. continue doing this until the mixture comes out smooth.

Store at room temperature in a dark glass jar or container. Keep an eye out for any foul-smelling shadow or weird colors. apply like normal using an eye shadow brush! 

Tips and Tricks

Adding less or more colorants will make your shadow darker or lighter

Look for other dried herbs, spices, mineral powders, and other natural materials.

The coconut oil adds moisture and aids in keeping the powders on your beautiful eyelids. 

Try mixing colors together to create new colors




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