Getting Started in The Garden

So you have taken an interest in Gardening and growing your own food? That's fantastic! Weather you have a Large area, or as small as an apartment patio,  you can still grow your own food. There are some basic tools every gardener will need when starting weather in a large 1 acres permaculture food forest, or a small patio garden.

Basics for EVERYONE:

+Shovel (small handle shower for pots, and raised beds, large spade for garden beds, and permaculture.)

+Source of water (anything from a watering can, to a garden hose, and rain)

+healthy soil (this could be potting soil from your local nursery, to compost you made in your back yard from food scraps.)

+Seeds and Plants (You can choose weather to start seeds, or buy seedlings from your local nursery.) 


+Garden gloves

+fertilizer (although I highly suggest growing an organic garden, and using things like manure tea, if choosing to fertilize.) 

For apartment balconies, patios and other small space. Using containers and pots will be your best option. If you have a small yard, or are using a raised bed for your garden you may wish to use trellises and create a vertical garden. Vertical gardening can work in pots as well. Things you will need:

+Flower pots, or large containers


+Trays for catching run off water (this keeps water from staining your balcony or patio.)

+Learn to companion plant to utilize the pace.

Plants that do great in pots                              Plants that fit in small places

+Tomatoes                                                    +Carrots

+peppers (especially hot varieties)                    +salad greens

+Cucumber                                                    +Most herbs

+Most herbs                                                  +Peppers

+Peas and Beans                                            +Radish

+Salad greens                                                +Cucumber, Melons, Winter Squash (Grown vertically)

+Eggplant                                                      +Peas,Beans


For larger garden beds and food forests you will need a few more things, such as;

+Wheel burrow (for moving soil, mulch and debris)

+a lot of soil (I suggest starting a compost pile)

+Mulch(keeps weeds down, moisture in and adds natural nutrients to the soil through composition.) 

+Much larger quantity of seeds, plants and trees

+Trellis' (they work great in garden beds and food forests as well)

+Water (You may need something bigger than a watering can, such as a hose, or sprinkler.)

In large garden beds and food forests you can plant a huge number of things, and a much bigger supply of each .This is great if you plan on living mostly off of what you grow. plant anything from;

+Apples          +Asparagus          +Artichoke          +Blueberries          +Beans            +Brassicas           +Cranberries       +Current     

+Carrots         +Corn                  +Eggplant           +Fennel                +Gooseberries  +Grapes               +Garlic               +Herbs             

+Leeks           +Mushrooms        +Melons              +Onions               +Peppers         +Peaches             +Plumes             +Pears

+Radish          +Tomatoes           +And much more

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