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Beans are fun, beans are beautiful, beans are easy and they come in so many varieties! Fully black to black and white, fully white to white with spots, tiger eyed, brown, red, golden. If you have ever sat there and ran your finger through beans and admired all the varieties, you probably understand where I'm coming from, if not you need to. There's also bush beans, wax beans, runner beans, string beans, string-less beans, and so many more! If you are just getting started in gardening and what a fairly easy crop beans are definitely one of the crops I'd suggest to start with. opt for a bush variety of fresh eating beans, and leave the dried beans for later. If you have more than you can eat, you can give them to friends or family, or boil them for 2 minutes, throw them on ice and freeze for late. YUM!

Types of beans:

Snap beans, string beans, green beans, French beans, and yellow wax beans are all grown to be eaten whole. Shell beans like kidney beans are grown to be eaten when they are a bit older and removed from their shell.


Beans do best when planted 2 weeks after the last frost date in loose soil. Plant climbing beans in full sun and on the north side of the garden (prevents plants from shading other plants). Sow seeds about 3 inches apart and about 1.5 inches deep.

Remove any unhealthy or discolored leaves right away. It’s best to water plants early in the day, and to work with them when they are dry.

Beans grow great with squash and corn.

​ Harvest

Snap beans should be harvested when pods are crisp enough to snap in half. Pick the beans by holding onto the stem with one hand and pulling the pod off with the other.

Shell beans should be harvested when the pods change colour. They will also look and feel plump.

Snap beans will last about a week in the fridge. You can also freeze snap and shell beans by blanching them in boiling water first for about 2-3 minutes.

Dried beans can be stored when they are dry enough that your fingernail won't dent them. Store them in air tight containers in a cool place.

Days to harvest:

Bush snaps 45-60

Pole snap 60-70

Shell 65-100

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