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Raspberry Leaf Tea is grown right here!, we use a mixture of wild black raspberry leaf and a cultivated variety of red raspberry leaves. Raspberry leaves aid in child birth. They help to strengthen the uterus muscles which helps to increaser the force of contractions.  However pregnant Woman should avoid taking raspberry leaf during the early stages of pregnancy.  Helps relieve diarrhea. 


Supports and medicinal properties: Anti-inflamatory, astringent, antioxident, digestive support, menstrual cramping and water retention 


Taste- Close to green tea with mild fruity hinds. The longer you steep the more bitter the taste. 

Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Raspberry leaf

  • Pour 8-12 oz. of water just off a boil over 1 Tbsp. of tea mix. Cover and steep for 5-10 minutes. For a stronger more medicanl tea steep 10-15 minutes, or drink throughout the day. 

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