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Calendula is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, is great at detoxifying and healing wounds, helps relieve muscle spasms, prevents hemorrhaging and is astringent. When taking this tincture you can expect to reduce mucus and inflammation in the mouth and throat, cleanse the lymphatic system, ease abdominal cramps and bloating and is also great for eczema and menstrual pain


You can also use this tincture as an antiseptic wash for scrapes or cuts; great to have in a first aid kit. As a gentle face wash for acne, it helps clean and cleanse pores, while healing the skin. add 2-3 drops to your normal facewash, and wash face as usual. As a scalp rinse for itchy, irritated scalp. Simple add a few drops to your finger tips and massage into your scalp, you can also try adding to your shampoo or diluting it in ½ cup of water and pouring it over your scalp. As a mouth wash or gargle for sore throats, or sore gums. Dilute in water.


2 oz.

Teinture de Calendula

  • Organic Calendula Petals, Alcohol (80 proof), Water.
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